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Tech, Food+ Drink, Coaching, Web Design, Not for Profit, E-commerce, Retail, Athletics, Interior Design, Start-Up, Solopreneur

Amazing Words

Lyndsay GETS IT. I was pretty clear on what I was doing with my business going in, but her copy totally 100% solidified my ideas and my vision more than I even knew was possible. I used to write my own copy, but i'm totally sold now on the value of having someone else do it for me... because let's face it - this shiz is HARD to hammer out on our own sometimes. Hire her, and watch yourself get more business than you have in months. It pays for itself, promise

Rebecca Tracey, The Uncaged Life

Lyndsay waltzed into our lives and business when we needed her the most. She brought passion, expertise, excitement, an amazing work ethic, and lots of laughs. Lyndsay went above and beyond her projects and always gave 110% to the task in front of her. There were many times she would hash out problems with me over email, or jump on a quick Skype call, not so she could make an extra buck, but so that she could give more - to our clients, to our company, or to me. I’m honored to have worked alongside Lyndsay for over a year and can personally attest to her outstanding talents, her out-of-the-box brilliance, and her driving passion for each and every project she pursues. If you’re in need of a brilliant staff member, a freelance writer, or just a damn cool friend, she’s your gal. Every single time.

Elise Grice, Hey Sweet Pea

When I began to get serious about my business the first thing my business coach told me to do was hire someone to write my web copy. At first I was skeptical but I decided to give it a try. Once I got the first draft from Lyndsay I was SURE I made the right choice! It was right on - totally me but much more poignant, catchy and focused on what I needed to include. It only took a few emails and voila, I had the best bio ever! I love it. Lyndsay was easy to work with and totally "got me" right away. I immediately started thinking of what to hire her for next!

Jane Halton

Forget your website have Lyndsay write your entire book for you and see what happens! She's not just my copywriter, she's my best friend and personal muse.

Tina Fey, maybe

Lyndsay is a linguistic machine. After she spent time getting to know our business from the ground up, she took our ideas, methodically organized them right before our eyes, and came out on the other end with unique and relatable content that gets noticed. We're talking product descriptions, web copy, sales one-sheets - she can do it all

John Cantu, Good Time, Inc.

I am head over heels in love with my website copy. Everyone that comes to my site instantly knows that I'm a badass. My main goal was to have a website that was so authentic and awesome that people couldn't NOT want to work with me. As a "life coach" pretty much every site I went to had the same wording with the same boring feel. I wanted to stand out and I got it. Every now and then I catch myself just reading through my site, thinking "yeah, I'm the sh*t"! Thanks Lyndsay!

Jenn Scalia, Be Awesome On Purpose