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We hired Lyndsay Rush towards the inception of the launch of our online magazine, CheekyChicago.com. She had reached out to us cold via email and from the tone and style of her writing in her email, I knew I wanted to interview her. When I met with Lyndsay in person and witnessed her sharp wit and deep heart, it was clear that she had a specific voice that needed to be heard on our website. As our “Tongue in Cheeky” columnist, Lyndsay brings the soul, the humor, the wit, the compassion and the humility that, up until we hired her, was lacking on Cheeky. Her columns consistently move me to tears, bursts of laughter and usually both. Her style is unique yet consistent, her tone is endearing but funny and the end result is nothing less than beautiful.  In fact, I don’t think we would be the same kind of website without her

Jessica Zweig
Co-Founder, CheekyChicago.com

I was introduced to Lyndsay for help with the writing for the Cultivate website. It was a pro bono thing but she treated it like we were paying her thousands of dollars. It was last minute—on a Friday night even—but she turned it around the next morning & continued to make revisions for me over the weekend.

And the best part was her attitude. Always optimistic, eager to help & upbeat. [which is rare, given the above circumstances] I’ve already hired her talents to help on another project & am searching for more opportunities.

Lyndsay’s talent, sense of humor & can-do attitude would be a great addition to any project. If you have the opportunity to add her to your team, hire her.

Dawn Nicole Baldwin
Founder, Lead Strategist

Lyndsay is a ridiculously gifted writer who has the ability to not only create on her own but to also collaborate and translate for other communicators into written form. Additionally she has assisted me in a number of ways simply by getting things done…which is a rare skill. Lyndsay is a gifted young woman whom I expect great things from.

JR Kerr
The Aitreni Group

There’s a great need for copywriting that’s not only informative, but to be creatively engaging, to help bring humanity to what can oftentimes be mundane or boring. Lyndsay has a unique voice with a creative tone that has brought life to many aspects of the way we communicate and engage with our audience across multiple platforms. From web copy to curriculum developed for small group studies, she’s helped bring personality and professionalism to our communications

Tim Schraeder
Director of Communications
Park Community Church

Lyndsay wrote a hilarious column on our blog Unemploymentality for about 9 months. And when I say hilarious, I mean laugh-out-loud, forward-to-friends, where-in-the-world-does-she-get-this-stuff funny. Her posts were always on time (and on point!) and our readers loved her. She’s super enthusiastic and always has creative story ideas, a dream come true for an editor. I’m actually stalking her right now so she’ll write for a column for the Monster.com career site I manage. That’s how good she is.

Tania Khadder
Co-Founder, Unemploymentality.com
Editor, Excelle.com

Normally I don’t like writers that are better than me, but I make an exception for Ms. Lyndsay Rush. Her stories are always smart and funny, but most importantly honest and human.  Keep it up tiger. Roar.

John Henion
Founder, Unemploymentality.com



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