Facebook Ads That Actually Sell And Aren't Garbage
Not sure if you guys have heard, but Facebook has a ton of people on it. Silly ‘ol Mark Zuckerburg was onto something. And ads on Facebook aren’t all just creepy pop ups of that thing you were just shopping for on Amazon Prime, but can actually be pretty sick marketing tools if you know how to wield them.

This service is for anyone who is like aw f*ck, I know I should be running those but is it worth the money? And what do I even say? And how do I decide who to target? And when? And, IS THIS A SCAM? (We like conspiracy theorists, they’re fun at parties.)

FATASAAG is not only a killer acronym, but the service that will get you the insider strategy + the seductive copywriting + image insight to handle all of those questions and help you bring in the clients by the truckload.

It’s also an original Allie + Lyndsay collab. Allie, handling the strategy, ops, delivery instructions, tech, etc and me, doing the wordz.


Here’s how we saddle up and help:

  • By handling the entire Facebook ad strategy related to customer acquisition funnels and launch strategy, along with audience stacking, pixel placement, and analysis of conversions.
  • By taking the reigns on the specs—AKA how to run it, who to target, etzzz.
  • By doin’ all the operations and set up. Ya know, the stuff that makes our head hurt.
  • By slinging seductive ad copy and doctoring up your graphics/images so that people read the damn thing and click the damn button. (Included are 3 ad versions for a/b testing)
  • By leaving you with instructions on how to identify your ad’s performance with the zeal of a competitive soccer mom.
  • By setting up and delivering this bad boy in 10 days.


Here’s what you have to provide on your end:

  • Your offering—we gotta know the business or product or service or course or [fill in the blank] that you’re tryna promote.
  • Your images—Hit us with up to 3 images to play around with. We will spice them up with graphics and other pizzazz (and instruct you on how to pick images that perform well on ye olde facebook).
  • The Dirt—The unique angle of your offering. How it’s different, why they need it, what will make them pause when they are knee deep in their Aunt’s recent puppy video post.
  • A Facebook Business Page


These little buggers can pack a massive punch straight to your list + bottom line —but only if they have a whip smart strategy and a dissenting creative. Because your audience’s eyeballs are bored as hell with the same old same old.

So when they’re presented with something original? They’ll go fucking bananas.




3 versions of your ad copy
Analytic how-to
10 day turnaround

Process Shmrocess

To get this show on the road, email me at rushbomb@gmail.com.  If there’s a spot open this month, you’ll be whisked away to a magical checkout world where you can purchase le product and fill out our intake questionnaire. From there you’ll get your ads delivery within 10 days.