Naming + Tagline
Your business, your product, your firstborn—all of these things need an amazing, memorable, PERFECT name + tagline.

(I’ll leave that last one to you.)

Those other ones, though? I’m all over ’em.

NAMING—If it’s catchy and you know it, clap your hands / open your wallets.


I created this “Namestorm” service several years ago for clients who want insight from a pro and several creative options without spending the hefty moola normally associated with a full naming service.

So, what don’t you get? Revisions or trademark research (but, duh, I will conduct Google searches to ensure that your options are not currently in use by people in your industry).

What you do get? 10-12 options from me that you can run with on your own—survey your clients, ask your mom, say them out loud, see which ones appear in your dreams, etc.

This way you get a hearty dose of creative insight without the intense commitment of a Big Agency renaming. And I get to do my very favorite thing: make a short amount of words do a big amount of work (and play).

TAGLINE—One-liners worth talking (and buying) about.


I’ve been writing taglines since the caveman stages of my business (almost a decade ago). Not only does that mean I’m basically the best in the biz, but it also means I have a figgin blast doing it (and it shows in your options). 

People underestimate taglines but those people are suckers. Because you don’t have much time or space to let people know what you’re all about and why they should care (or sign up, or shell out). So you gotta add clarity and personality to your big idea in basically one sentence. When done right, they shed light on who you are and what you’re about, pack a punch, pull out the right emotions, and leave ’em wanting more.


PEOPLE WON’T BUY WHAT THEY’RE NOT EXCITED ABOUT. And they sure as shucks won’t buy something they can’t remember. That’s where the right name + tagline swoop in and save the day.

The end (or, actually: the beginning).





11-15 business naming options to sink your teeth into.


Starts at $400

$400 = A flat-fee, no-revisions, run-with-my-options, one-and-done situation.

$500 = Snag a second serving of taglines (aka one round of revisions).

Name + Tagline



You get: 10-12 name options PLUS 10-12 tagline ideas to go along with the geeeenius name options.

Process Shmrocess

Step 1: Email me at to throw elbows and get on the ‘ol schedule (a 50% deposit secures you a spot.) P.S. Don’t be surprised/mad if you have to wait a month or two, things fill up fast!

Step 2: You fill out a handy questionnaire that will give me the nuts and bolts of who you are, who you’re after, and how you want to sound (due on our start date).

Step 3: I concoct a hit list of 10-12 options via Google Docs and deliver within one week of the start date.

Step 4: You take your favorite options and run with them on your own off into the sunset.

Step 5: Badaboom, badabing, we’ve got a name. Huzzah!