Copyrocking + One-Offs
Nobody puts baby in a package. AKA if you want to hire me in a more loosey goosey way, here's where ya do it.


ABOUT PAGES: Hook your potential customers with your story, your talents, your big idea; the crazy path that led you here. Make them believe in your business as much as you do. Make them need to know more. Make them certain they can’t live without you. Also? We’ll talk to and about them almost as much as we talk about you—because people want to know your story, sure, but they want to know why that story will impact theirs. No narcissistic about pages served here.

SALES PAGES: Succinctly and compellingly show your peeps that you understand what they really want while laying out the plethora of ways your service, course, or product is going to give it to them (and better than The Other Guys.) We’ll use language that sways without feeling salesy, so your ideal consumers not only feel heard but also red-hot-excited.

So whether you’re telling your story or selling your service, you better make those words count. Not just because you can, but because you can’t afford not to.

The About Page


The second-most read page on your it better be good. My About Page mantra is to focus on your dream client's story and pain points FIRST, in a way that lets them know that your story and expertise matters mostly as it relates to theirs. That's how you hook 'em in on what you do and why you do it (better than anyone else).

The Sales Page

Starts at $900

These bad boys lay out all of the nitty gritty of your service or course or product, with a compelling angle that will make hitting the buy button a no-brainer. Note: depending on your offering, the sales page may need to be more involved, thus impacting the price.

Custom Quote


Lead Magnet? Giving Back Page? Want a mixed bag of things? The combos are as endless as an ideal Taco Bell order. Shoot me an email with what you're wanting and I'll spit out a custom quote.

Process Shmrocess

Step 1: Email me at to throw elbows and get on the ‘ol schedule (a 50% deposit secures you a spot.) P.S. Don’t be surprised/mad if you have to wait a month or two, things fill up fast!

Step 2: I have you fill out some juicy questions to get to the grit of who you are, who you’re talking to, and how exactly you want to sound (hint: it won’t be boring.)

Step 3: I share a draft with you through my boyfriend, Google Docs, and you begin to review, make edits, comment, etc.

Step 4: I make all of the changes you request, and we both look fondly at the shiny, new About Page and then send it off into the wilderness to woo and gather your future clients and dozens of thousands of dollars.