Website Copy
Getting attention on the internet is harder than being a '90s boyband trying to make a comeback.

But don't fret—that's what I'm here for. (Not the singing and dancing. Although that can possibly be arranged.)

Here’s the thing: you only have a few seconds to impress people with your website—so you gotta be real but you also gotta be *real* interesting.


Consumers these days are essentially a bunch of savages who are constantly inundated with flashy images and words which means they basically have the attention span of a 2 year old on an airplane.

So, um, you gotta get it right OR PAY THE PRICE. But seriously. Everyone is an “entrepreneur” these days, so your audience has droves of people to choose from. SO, WHY YOU? Why should they trust you, love you, click past your home page to learn more? The words you sling on your website are often the difference between a sale and a sigh. And if you’re anything like the any other business owner in all the land—you wanna sell your shit.

This is your one stop shop for unexpected, disobedient, eye-opening, witty copy that will make your competitors furious with jealousy and your clients shoving hundos in your face.

And since it’s not just how you say it, but why you’re saying it, I’ll provide the messaging strategy piece too. (In the form of my biz partner and brand strategy wiz, Allie LeFevere).


Yes, “messaging strategy.” Allie (who has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs) will start off this whole shebang by taking you through our questionnaire, helping you concoct sharper, smarter ideas, and making sure your niche is tight, your message is clear, and that your ship is set to sail towards the island of big, fat, standout success.


I’ve got 8+ years worth of experience plus an incurably clever brain plus an extensive wine collection that will aid me in drafting up some messaging that will fully represent you in a way that makes your customers laugh out loud and jump into your arms.

SO. Whether you’re building a brand new site and the thought of writing everything makes you want to move to Cuba OR you’re staring at your current website, embarrassed at how tame, lame, or just off your messaging is, OR SOME WILD PLACE IN BETWEEN…I got you.

My process is simple—some may call it quick and dirty (I’ve been called worse)—and if you do your part (tell us who your people are, what they most want, and how you’re gonna give it to them) then we’ll take your nuts and bolts and build a hot damn masterpiece.




Creative Messaging Strategy Call + Brainstorm
Home, About, Services web pages (the main jams)
Opt in Sequence Copy (sign up copy, thank you page, welcome email)
Unlimited Edits (within reason, people)
2 week turnaround time
A rip-roaring good time + outrageous, outstanding, rain-making copy you just can't get elsewhere

Custom Quote

We'll see!

If what you need doesn't fall into the basic package above, just hit me up with what you need and I will crank out ye olde estimate. Yay!

Process Shmrocess

Step 1: Email me at to throw elbows and get on the ‘ol schedule (a 50% deposit secures you a spot.) P.S. Don’t be surprised/mad if you have to wait a month or two, things fill up fast!

Step 2: You fill out some juicy questions to get to the grit of what content you need, who you are, who you’re talking to, and how exactly you want to sound (hint: it won’t be boring) + make an appointment with Allie for your kickoff brainstorm call.

Step 3: You have your 30 minute call with Allie and fall in love with her wit and brainpower and feel even more confident about your biz than ever before. She then delivers to me a killer brand document with your answers + her big-picture add-ons.

Step 4: On our start week, I take what Allie has gloriously prepared and start making those words dance. One week from then, I’ll share a draft with you through my boyfriend, Google Docs (he’s the best!), and dish out that final invoice.

Step 5: Week 2 is where you review all the copy and make any and all comments, revisions, requests, etc. I hop in and take all of your additions and finesse it into final copy, and we both look fondly at the shiny, new content and then send it off into the wilderness to woo and gather your future clients and dozens of thousands of dollars.

BOOM BOOM POW you’ve done something incredible in just 2 weeks. And how often can you say THAT?