Oh hi, I’m Lyndsay. My friends call me ‘a bit much,’ my fans call me Mary Oliver’s Drunk Cousin, and my husband calls me Lynny (cute!). I’m a comedy writer, a poet, and the cofounder of a creative agency. My work has been featured in Reductress, McSweeney’s, NY Mag, and The New York Times and my poetry took on a life of its own in the year of our lord 2022 when my instagram account grew to over 57K followers in a single year.

To be earnest for a second (ew), I deeply believe that humor is a powerful tool for epiphanies, change, and growth, and I subscribe to the adage that my business partner and I made up: humor is the truth having fun. My poems are for people who didn’t know they liked poetry, and for anyone who thinks it would be cool if a deep life truth could also make them laugh.

I spent most of my adult life in Chicago (I love you, you cold b*tch), but these days I live in Nashville (I love you, you hot b*tch) with my husband Caleb & perfect prince (dog) Puffin Dorito. I spend most of my time doing elaborate nail art and all of my disposable income on fancy restaurants and chips (I contain multitudes). You can follow my poetry on instagram @maryoliversdrunkcousin, my business at Obedient Agency and my personal shenanigans @rushbomb on twitter and instagram (but not TikTok, I am simply too old/tired).