Hi, who are you?
I’m Lyndsay but my friends call me A Bit Much, and my fans call me Mary Oliver’s Drunk cousin. I’m the cofounder of a branding agency, a comedy writer, and a poet. The longer story is on my about page, if you’re nasty.

Can I email you? 
Totally. maryoliversdrunkcousin@gmail.com 

What's with the watermark?
Since this is a digital product, I added a watermark (of course, because I am me, it says "Doritos Crumbs" to the preview image, otherwise it could be saved and used for free. Don't fret: the watermark will NOT appear on your purchased file.

Why do you sell your poems as a digital download and not a physical print?
To be honest, the idea of packing and shipping physical items, brings a tear to my eye, but in a bad way. Add in inventory stuff and my li’l head would pop right off. I feel like offering digital downloads is the most streamlined way to get these in your hands. Plus, once you have the file, you can make as many prints/gifts as you want <3

What if I don’t get a download link?
Immediately after purchase you will see a download button on your order confirmation page that contains an opportunity to download your files (a handy link). If you don’t choose to download at that time, no worries, you’ll get two other emails from us. The first is simply an order confirmation with your order info (boring) and not the file link. But shortly after, you’ll get a second email with a download link to access your file(s) (exciting!) If for some reason you didn’t get either, check your spam folder and then check your heart, JK simply send us a note at maryoliversdrunkcousin@gmail.com and we’ll make sure you get your digital download file!

What if I ordered the wrong size?
No worries! All of the larger files can easily be printed in smaller sizes, but if resolution is a concern (let’s say you bought 5X7 and now want it to be a poster or ceiling fresco) contact me maryoliversdrunkcousin@gmail.com and I can send you a larger one!

Where should I get this printed?
I wrote a whole manifesto on printing tips because I’m a sweetie. Head there for all of my hot tips.

What paper should I use?
I wrote a whole manifesto on printing tips because I’m a sweetie. Head there for all of my hot tips.

The poem I want isn’t available as a print yet!?
This feels like a statement not a question, but I’ll address it anyway. I am always working to have as many options as possible on here, but it takes time to design and list, etc., so we started with a smaller release of the fan favorites.

I want to buy more than one poem–do you have a bundled rate?
Did somebody say BOGO? I will regularly launch specials and discount codes for stuff like this, so follow along on ye olde instagram for those announcements.