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An Error Message Just For You

An Error Message Just For You

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beep boopp beep, I love you; go get some rest.


Available as pdf digital download in sizes 5X7, 8X10, or 11X14 that you can print and display however your heart desires.

Full text: An Error Message Just For You

You are not a Roomba
or Rosey from The Jetsons
or Pacman or Inspector Gadget or 
a Tesla with a vanity plate
(they all have vanity plates)
You’re more Florence than Machine 
More holy mother than motherboard
Here for much more than to be user friendly 
So take this as a reminder—flashing on the screen in yellows and reds—
to power down 
and let your systems process
Because even an optimus in her prime
such as you
is not designed to constantly operate 
at full capacity

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