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It's Called Maximalism, Babe (Colorful Version)

It's Called Maximalism, Babe (Colorful Version)

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more is more, etc.


Available as pdf digital download in sizes 5X7, 8X10, or 11X14 that you can print and display however your heart desires.

Full text: It's Called Maximalism, Babe

Why shouldn't I stop and smell the espresso beans / Or say, in a voice a little too loud, This is the best margarita I’ve ever had!! / Or use the full curse word / Or have my dessert first / Why shouldn't I give it my all / And do it for the story / And leap before looking / And let love consume me / Why shouldn't I use my expensive face creams with abandon/ Triple text my crush / Laugh at my own jokes / Cry at commercials / Sing at the top of my lungs while I vacuum / Buy the orange chair / Paint the town purple / And fly across the country for the weekend just to pinch a cheek / Why shouldn’t I hold your face in both of my hands at 11:30AM on a Tuesday while you’re chopping a salad and remind you that you’re the center of my happiest days / Why shouldn’t I memorize how the sun comes in from the front window / Turn the music up / Give the dog a piece of cheese / Say what I mean / Let my hair down / Forgive fast / Believe that the best is yet to come / Tell me—no really—why shouldn't I? / Why shouldn’t we? / Why shouldn't you?

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