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Things That Will Never Be the Same

Things That Will Never Be the Same

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Be a mom, they said, it'll be chill, they said.


Available as pdf digital download in sizes 5X7, 8X10, or 11X14 that you can print and display however your heart desires.

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Things That Will Never Be the Same

My bellybutton / my boobs / my nervous system / my literal DNA (thanks, microchimerism) / my ribcage / my hairline / The way I look at the news / the way I look at your dad / the way I look at my mother / the way I look at myself / Your favorites / your fears / how much or how little you need / Us / My mindfulness of sharp corners / and stairs / and cords / and allergens / and school districts / and  time / What I lose sleep over / what I lose patience over / what I google / over and over and over / The word blowout / and all-nighter / and nap / and bottle / and bubble bath / The funny assumption that my heart has reached peak fullness / only to discover / it grew / overnight / neck and neck / with you.

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