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She's a Bit Much

She's a Bit Much

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Now you can wallpaper your house with the reminder that you're a perfect little bonus french fry.


Available as pdf digital download in sizes 5X7, 8X10, or 11X14 that you can print and display however your heart desires.

Full text: She’s a Bit Much

You mean like a bonus french fry in the bottom of the bag? Like a champagne shower? Like triple texting good news? Like buying coffee for the person behind you in line? Or did you mean ‘a bit much’ like an unexpected upgrade to business class / or theme parties / or the band pretending to go off stage and then coming back for an unforgettable encore? Perhaps you were referring to that thing of being astonished by a sunset / or how puppies flop around when they learn to run / or the way some people take karaoke really seriously? Maybe you just meant sprinkles / confetti / balloon drops / witty comebacks / generous tips / fireworks / waterslides / serotonin / cherries on top / and the fact that maybe we were put on this planet simply to enjoy ourselves? Then yes, I agree—she is a bit much. Aren’t we so lucky she’s here?

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