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We're Not Getting Any Younger, Woman

We're Not Getting Any Younger, Woman

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Calling all dinosaurs ;)


Available as pdf digital download in sizes 5X7, 8X10, or 11X14 that you can print and display however your heart desires.

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We’re Not Getting Any Younger, Woman
After “Firstborn” by Nicolle Galyon

And god, isn’t it fantastic? How our best qualities have been barrel-aged / ready for harvest / splashing into half-full glasses / and staining our lips the perfect shade of red? / How we’ve tempered and tended our tendencies / left it all on the field / on the page / and how our best-laid, five year plans went awry? Isn’t it a splendor to see what’s been growing while we’ve been growing / older / even when the self-care instructions were completely ignored / and the elements were all wrong? Is it not a marvel that we’re letting ourselves go / right over the hill / hands in the air / and managing to enjoy the ride / and the view / and the detours? Pretty miraculous, if you ask me, how after all these years the only thing we’ve truly lost is our ‘give a shit’ / and our cool / and the ability to successfully evade a hangover  / Admire, for a moment, how the years are teaching us that we don’t need to ‘bounce back’ / or ‘age gracefully’ / or keep up with anything but the good work / I used to believe my best was behind me—best shot, best days, best body / but that got old / and so did I  / In fact, if there’s one piece of ancient wisdom I’ve learned as a dinosaur born in the late 1900s / it’s that / plans are like foreheads / wrinkles make them a lot more interesting. 

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